CVT Weekend Edition

We’re through Week 2 at the Carson Valley Times. As we continue to grow into this new venue, you’ll see continued subtle (and maybe not-so-subtle) changes to the site. This week we went ahead and started calling our “Bulletin Board” what it really is — “Free Classifieds”. And, we changed to “Merchant’s Corner” to more accurately represent what we hope it will become — “Valley Market,” a place to virtually shop around for services offered within the Valley. We encourage you to check both pages out – and remember, the free classifieds are FREE. You can send a photo and about 20 words on your item or garage sale to We’ll leave it up until it sells or until the date of the event passes.

On the news front, crews did an outstanding job preventing the erratic Bison Fire from damaging any homes. Full containment is expected tomorrow (Sunday) and containment is up to 91 percent today (Saturday).

We asked, because we were curious, why it was called the Bison Fire. Dorothy Harvey, who has done a spectacular job keeping the press and the public updated for the Sierra Front Interagency Cooperators this week, said that the fire initially started on Buffalo Ridge, but due to a recent wildfire in the area with Buffalo already in the title, they went with the “Bison” Fire.

Firefighters have started mop-up mode and are tending to a number of hot spots to the north and southeast edges of the fire. In total, the cost to fight the fire is estimated at $7.1 million to date, with 25,733 acres burned.

In Sierra Front’s morning release, they asked that, for your safety and the safety of the firefighters, the public stay away from the fire area for the next few days.

The week closed out with a manhunt that lasted just over 24 hours after a man in Topaz Ranch Estates was injured in a shooting. The suspect in question turned himself in Friday afternoon, and the judicial process will progress in the next week.

Top Clicks:

As you might guess, the Bison Fire was our most read ongoing story across the board, hitting a peak when the fire increased dramatically on Monday afternoon.

It was the following afternoon, though, once firefighters had essentially quelled the outbreak that really captured your attention here. Four-year-old Bella Dykes colored a thank-you note, which was sent to us by her mother. It quickly became our top click of the week.

1. Progress on all sides of the Bison Fire

Drawing by Isabelle Dykes
Drawing by Isabelle Dykes

2. It always was a family business

Matt Wayne, left, gives a music lesson to Savannah Simmons, 13, on July 10.
Matt Wayne, left, gives a music lesson to Savannah Simmons, 13, on July 10.

3. Valleypedia

Our Valleypedia section was actually our third-most read element of the week. We answered questions about gardening and full-day kindergarten this week. This is your spot to ask why things are the way they are, or how to get something done. It’s also going to be an ever-growing hub of community information, from the very basics of living here to, hopefully, the minute details of how things work. If you have any questions, suggestions or additions to this section, please e-mail them to

4. All-Stars advance to finals




Photo by Carolyn Prince
Photo by Carolyn Prince

Carolyn Prince sent in this photo, taken near the Minden Tahoe Airport, of the fire earlier in the week, with the simple message, “Thank You, Firefighters.” Not much else to say about that.

Have a great weekend, everyone. We’ll be back Monday morning with a whole new slate of stories for the week.


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