Drawing by Bella Dykes
Drawing by Bella Dykes

Believe it or not, this drawing is one of the very reasons we are here. Four-year-old Bella Dykes sat down at the table this afternoon and wanted to color a picture to thank the firefighters for their continued efforts. When she was finished, she told her mother,  “This is the sun, and the smoke, and the mountains, and grass for the firefighters to walk on. We can drive out there in the car and give it to the firefighters who are doing such a good job fighting fires.”

Her mother asked if she wanted to write “Thank you Firefighters” on it and she wanted to, so her mother traced the letters. Since they can’t very well drive it out and give it out to all 1,065 of the total personnel now committed to the fire, this is as good a venue as any to post it. Anyone with further such messages can send them to or post to our Facebook page.

The latest update on the fire, from Sierra Front about an hour ago:

Date Started: 7/04/2013Cause: Lightning   

Total Personnel: 1065


           Threatened – 20, number of structures in     Pipeline Canyon is unknown at this time

Destroyed – several old mining structures

Size: 25,733 acres
Percent Contained: 25% Resources: 9 Airtankers 5 Helicopters;

30 Engines; 22 Crews; 12 Water Tenders

4 Dozers

Injuries to Date: one

Another Active Day on the Bison Fire

Gardnerville, Nev. – Great Basin Management Type 2 Team 3, operating under Incident Commander Mike Whalen, reports firefighters made progress today on the South, West, and North sides of the fire.  The southeast edge of the fire continued to creep down the ridge toward Pipeline Canyon.  A trigger point was reached which prompted the Lyon County Sheriff to start the voluntary evacuations for Pipeline Canyon.  Sheriff’s Deputies are currently going door to door asking residents to leave Pipeline Canyon.  For more information, contact Lyon County Sheriff’s Dispatch at (775) 463-6600.

The fire is now 25-percent contained with a full containment estimated for July 14.

The fire ran through the Slater Mine area on Sunday burning several old structures.

A spike camp was set up in Smith Valley and about 200 fire fighters will be working out of this camp on the east side of the fire.

Several crews arrived today bringing the number of personnel assigned to the incident to 1,065. More resources are arriving daily.  There has been one firefighter injury (twisted knee) reported.

Additional heavy helicopters are assisting in the aerial firefighting efforts today, with winds posing less of a problem on certain areas of the fire than in past days.

Incident Commander Mike Whalen briefed Governor Brian Sandoval on the Bison Fire at the Incident Command Post yesterday.  The Nevada Department of Emergency Management Director and their staff were also briefed at that time.

East Fork Fire Protection District Fire Chief Todd Carlini reports that the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners has declared a State of Emergency for the Bison Fire. This allows the County to request additional State resources and assistance, as well as federal assistance, should the Governor deem a State of Emergency for the State of Nevada.

The following road closures to non-residents are currently in place for:

* Pine Nut Road at the intersection of Out-R-Way

*East Valley Road at Grandview

*Sunrise Pass Road at Coyote Rock

*Brunswick Canyon Road

*Mexican Dam Road

*Sunrise Pass Road at Artesia Road

We continue to ask that, for your safety and the safety of the firefighters, the public stay away from the fire area.

As a reminder, please clear 30 feet around your residences, “reduce the fuel, reduce the risk.”

Fire information will continue to be updated at,, and on the Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators and Douglas County’s pages on Facebook. A fire information phone line is also being staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at 775-782-1428

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