Good Morning, Carson Valley

Photo of the sunrise through the Bison smoke plume courtesy of Scott Sanders
Photo of the sunrise through the Bison smoke plume courtesy of Scott Sanders

Morning News Briefing

Douglas County Commissioners declared a State of Emergency for the Bison Fire yesterday, allowing the county to request additional State resources and assistance, as well as federal assistance, should the Governor deem a State
of Emergency for the State of Nevada.

This came as the fire grew to 25,000-plus acres overnight. In events like this it’s easy to let the numbers just become numbers, so consider this: An acre makes up approximately 76 percent of a football field (Acre = 4,840 square yards; Football Field with endzones equals 6,360 square yards). The Bison Fire currently covers about 19,000 football fields worth of land.

For a frame of reference, if you took the football fields from 72 percent of the public high schools in the United States, you’d just about be able to cover the area  burned by the Bison Fire in the last five days.

Weather will again be at 93 degrees today with moderate winds (about 25 mpg gusts) this afternoon.

Here at CVT

We’ve been making  a couple structural changes to the site. We went ahead and changed the Bulletin Board Page to call it what it really is — Free Classifieds. So that is available for you if you are interested. And we changed the name of the Merchant’s Corner tab to better reflect what we want it to become — a Valley Market. Eventually, when someone needs a plumber or can’t decide what to do for dinner, our hope is to have a virtual drive-thru marketplace for our readers to peruse.

Outside of that, we’ve been updating the Valleypedia piece by piece. Take a look, feel free to send us a note with additions or corrections. It’s a work in progress, and probably always will be. We hope it will become a valuable resource for you over time.

What’s going on today

Not a ton on the schedule, but the Minden Farmers Market is tonight, starting at 4 p.m. on Esmeralda Avenue. We’ve got a couple stories we’re putting together that we’ll roll out as the day goes on. And check back at 10 a.m. We’re debuting a new feature.

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