Monday Mail Bag: Gardening advice

Ever wonder why something is the way it is? Have a question as to how to get something done within the boundaries of our Valley? Valleypedia is your venue to ask it. Over time, our hope is that the “Valleypedia” page becomes something of an community encyclopedia – an ongoing guide to living in Carson Valley. Have a question? We’ll do our very best to find the answer. Here’s the latest question, with special thanks to University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Educator JoAnne Skelly for the answer:


Q: What agencies/ organizations are available locally to answer gardening questions like,”Why are my strawberry plants good at making more strawberry plants and not so good at making strawberries?”

A: Really the organization available to provide research-based, unbiased horticulture information is University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) ( Our national website is where people can not only look for answers, take classes, but also ask experts from all over the country for answers to their questions.

Otherwise, people can ask at quality nurseries (not really at box stores – too few folks are trained there), but even then, they are trying to sell products and UNCE is not trying to sell anything. We have a couple of websites for additional info:

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