Saturday Mail Bag

Ever wonder why something is the way it is? Have a question as to how to get something done within the boundaries of our Valley? Valleypedia is your venue to ask it. Over time, our hope is that the “Valleypedia” page becomes something of an community encyclopedia – an ongoing guide to living in Carson Valley. Have a question? We’ll do our very best to find the answer. Here’s a question we received this week:

Q: How do I find out about having a booth at local craft fairs or farmers markets?

A: The simple answer is it varies based on the actual event.

  • For Candy Dance, you’ll want to visit here or call 775-782-8696.
  • For the Genoa Peddler’s Fair the same weekend, you’d call 782-4951.
  • For the Minden craft fairs or farmers markets, you probably want to give Roxanne Stangle a call at 775-782-2444.
  • For the Lampe Park Farmers Market, call the Douglas County Parks & Recreation Department at 775-782-9828.
  • Additionally, you may need to file a business license with the state along with assorted taxing information. Visit for more information on that.

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