Welcome to the Carson Valley Times

I’d like to welcome you to our new endeavor — the Carson Valley Times, an online news magazine for Carson Valley.

Our vision is to include a little bit of everything – from recipes and family hikes to local community news and lots and lots of photos. The one qualifier is that what goes up on this site has to be about Carson Valley, about the people who live here, or about people who lived here in years past. Or in the future, for all y’all Delorean enthusiasts out there.

It’ll be quirky at times, but the most important thing for us is to capture the essence of this remarkable Valley in picture form and in written word to the best of our abilities. In that, we are going to need a tremendous amount of help from you, the reader! That’s why we are eagerly asking for your story ideas, story submissions and photos. We can’t portray this Valley without you, and you will be the most important part of establishing what this venture will be.

Please take a look around. It’s sparsely populated here at the start, but that will change with every new day.

It’s all free. We’re accepting free classified ad submissions on our “Bulletin Board” page (the catch is you have to keep it to 20 words and one photo .. and please let us know when your item sells so we can remove it from the site!).

We have a “How Do I?” page where we will be answering your questions about how to get things done and how things work within the community. That will grow over time, but it’s no good for us to just tell you what we think you want to know. We want to know what you want to know, and we’ll do our best to find the answers.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @cvalleytimes. We will be updating frequently. Find out a little more about the people bringing you the content on our “About Us” page

Lastly, please, please as we add advertisers,  do us the favor of frequenting their establishments. The true goal of this entire venture is to put the people of this Valley in touch with the people, places and services they need, and a large part of that will be helping to keep our local business community healthy and strong.

So here we are. We’re ready to hear from you and we’re excited to see what this publication can become with the help of the tremendously talented and interesting people of this community.


Joey Crandall, publisher/editor



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